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  • Wild Apple Stoneyard Is The Solution

In July 2012, I contacted Wild Apple to see if they could restore a 1940′s fieldstone patio. It was showing signs of wear with cement that was disintegrating and stones that were loose and uneven. Additionally, there was overgrown greenery, shrubs and a cellar entryway that was cracked and

needed repair.

I explained I wanted it restored by reusing as many of the stones as possible and keeping the same general shape that had been there for some 70 years.

Their proposal was to demolish the old patio, install 6″ deep compacted base, reconstruct the patio using the same stones and adding replacement stones as needed, install a natural edged blue stone step, repair the cracked walls of the entryway to the cellar, and create a small pebble garden with a boulder on the left side of the entryway to balance an already existing field stone arrangement on the right side, and to all cut back and clear out unwanted vegetation.

The result was amazing. The patio has the feel of the old, but by using modern materials like poly sand instead of concrete, they improved the looks and longevity of the patio. Additionally, the entrance to the house is now open and much friendlier than in the past. The use of pebble stone ties everything together since the driveway is also loose stone.

The work took a little over a week. The cost estimate was in the ballpark with other quotes we had received. They listened to what I wanted and I was informed and consulted as needed. They cleaned up and took away all the debris and repaired the driveway after the installation was completed.

  I was very pleased with the way Wild Apple did business and would recommend them to other customers.

V.B. Hughes