Dark Mulch
Dark Mulch.
Dark brown, natural – our best seller
Dark Dark Mulch
Dark Dark Mulch
Darker and finer than regular dark mulch
Brown Mulch
Brown Mulch.
Medium ground. Suppresses weed growth, a natural mulch
Cedar Mulch
100% Cedar Mulch
Very aromatic and discourages insects. From northern Maine
Black Mulch
Black Mulch.
Black Dyed Wood Chips
Red Mulch
Red mulch.
Red Dyed Wood Chips
Playground Chips
Playground Chips
...are natural wood chips which are ideal for play areas
All of our 100% farm land topsoil is from Galway and Charlton. Our topsoil is great for starting lawns. Our heavy fertile soil slows water loss and keeps the root zone moist.


Our trucks have dividers so we can deliver several products per delivery.

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